Job announcement: Head Women's Soccer Coach - Rogue Community College

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General Statement of Responsibilities

Demonstrate a willingness to develop the assigned athletic program, through participation in community awareness/fundraising events, recruitment of players, maintenance of professional and positive relationships with players, helpers, staff and administration. Effectively coach and develop student-athletes academically, socially and athletically. Maintain knowledge of and compliance with ethical and legal aspects of coaching and athletics as stated in college and league (NWAC) policy, as well as state and federal law. Works collaboratively with college groups, councils and committees as needed. In conjunction with the Athletic Director, manages the budget, monitors academic progress and eligibility of players, and contributes to the development of athletic department strategic plan initiatives and RCC enrollment goals.
Supervision Received
Works under the general supervision of the Athletic Director.

Examples of Duties - Essential Functions
  1. Teach sport-specific skills and strategies, college success and life skills to players.
  2. Maintain professionalism and model the values of the Athletic department, and consistently represent Rogue Community College in a positive light.
  3. Model respect for diversity and demonstrate cultural competency (inclusiveness, reflecting, valuing, and welcoming cultural differences) in all position responsibilities.
  4. Interact with and coach the team by providing ethical guidance to players' regarding the academic and athletic eligibility requirements and college experience, uphold the student code of conduct and reinforce ethical, mature and responsible student behaviors on and off campus.
  5. Recruit and retain a full roster of eligible student-athletes for the program at Rogue Community College through effective use of marketing and recruitment, enrollment procedures, campus resources, and regular academic monitoring and appropriate referral.
  6. Participate in fundraising and program awareness activities in the community to further the goals of the athletic department and assigned sports program.
  7. Adhere to established Rogue Athletic Department Coaches Handbook, safety and risk management requirements, ethical regulations of community college employees, NWAC standards and regulations, and Title IX requirements.
  8. Develop home schedules in two counties and away participation schedules and convey expectations for participation and conduct. Coordinate travel timelines and driving schedules. Coordinate officials as needed. 
  9. Demonstrate continued professional growth by staying current in and expanding knowledge of coaching techniques by following a plan of professional development.
  10. Attend scheduled athletic contests, professional conferences or clinics, and required institutional meetings. Assist with game management and athlete participation as necessary.
  11. Design pre-season fitness plans; create and supervise in-season training and tactical sessions to develop general fitness and specific soccer skills.
  12. Motivate and encourage individual players and the team.
  13. Maintain a nationally approved First Aid/CPR certificate and understand the limits of scope of practice; monitor the safety and injuries of players.
  14. Maintain equipment and assist grounds keepers.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned.
Screening Criteria

Education:  A Bachelor's degree is required.


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